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Sound Music Services is a member of the Music Teachers National Association, The Colorado State Music Teachers Association, and The Fort Collins Music Teachers Association.  Piano lessons are given in a professional yet friendly office on a beautiful old Clemons & Crane baby grand piano.  The teaching studio is located in the historic Wellington Hotel building.  Bobby Brannock serves on the board of and is an active member in the Fort Collins Music Teachers Association.  Recitals are available through that organization and are recommended but not required for students as they practice and progress.

Basic Piano Lesson – Weekly     $20 per half hour

                                                             $25 per forty-five minute

                                                             $30 per hour

In most cases a weekly half hour lesson works best.

Sometimes if a student is highly motivated a forty-five minute
or even one hour lesson is appropriate and will speed learning
with the appropriate amount of practice at home.

Prices include series of lesson books upon which the lesson plans are based.

Outside books, especially ones including genres that the student enjoys or is interested in playing can be purchased by student and taught as a supplement once basic fundamentals are learned.